Eric McLauchlin

Eric McLauchlin began his law enforcement career in the late 1980’s as a U.S. Army Military Police officer.

He continued working in the enforcement field at state, county and municipal levels until 2007 when he went to work for the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) as an investigator. In 2008, Eric created the Special Investigations Unit, which focuses on criminal prosecution and/or civil cases involving large monetary claims and scams against property owners. Since that time, Eric has been actively involved with numerous cases dealing with fraud and racketeering and is now the CCB’s Lead Worker for the Field Investigation Section.

Eric has earned multiple certifications in his field and serves as the Director for Oregon on the National Construction Investigators Association (NCIA) Board of Directors. His expertise and extensive knowledge make him a trusted resource to law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices throughout Oregon and nationwide.

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