Cyndie Roche

Cyndie Roche, the Vice President of Digital Sales & Architectural Design Services for Paradigm, a division of Builders FirstSource, is a passionate advocate for the use of 3D technology in construction and has been at the forefront of applying Building Information Modeling to streamline and improve construction processes.  With over 20 years of experience in home construction and executing successful digital strategies for organizations, Cyndie has been a driving force in adopting new technologies and innovations in the construction industry.  She currently plays a key role in helping Builders FirstSource create the future of 3D use in Homebuilder processes. Her extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed her to develop and implement cutting-edge strategies that have led to significant growth and success for the company.

In her upcoming presentation at the technology conference, she will be sharing her insights and expertise on how the move from 2D to 3D technology can be used to revolutionize the construction industry, and how Builders FirstSource has successfully implemented these technologies to drive growth and success.

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