Beth Rapp

Beth has fifteen years of experience in the geotechnical engineering field, with extensive experience on large residential and commercial development projects and is a Registered Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist in the state of Oregon. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Geology from Portland State University in 2005 where her thesis focused on mapping lahar deposits on the Sandy River Delta. Beth has expertise in subsurface investigation, geologic mapping, landslide hazard assessment, slope stability, technical report writing, infiltration testing, and drafting.

Beth realized her love of geology as a child finding fossils and playing in the creek behind her house in northeastern Ohio.  After obtaining her B.S. in Geology from Kent State University, she moved to Oregon to pursue her graduate studies in 2001.  She and her husband Shawn live on a farm in Sandy, Oregon with their three horses and two dogs.  She enjoys being outside, hiking, spending time with the animals, and occasionally sailing in the San Juan Islands.

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