Solar + Storage for Energy and Resiliency: “Power When You Need It Most”

The growing frequency of extreme weather-related events and the genuine threat of “the big one” motivates Oregonians to invest in solar PV paired with resilient battery backup systems.  Join our experts today as we deep dive into the technology and what’s driving this rapidly evolving industry.  Whether it be incentives, utility cost savings or security in those periodic outages, we will talk about all the reasons why this tech is the new rave.

From blueprints to boots on the ground. Solar PV and battery backup systems go hand in hand with the theme of “Design Right Build Better” it starts from the ground up and how the home is designed to take advantage of the most abundant energy resource on earth, solar energy. Roof pitch, orientation, obstruction, and even the type all have an impact on a home’s total solar resource.


Location: Martha Jordan Date: April 19, 2023 Time: 3:10 pm - 4:10 pm Jason Benfit