Insulating with Wood: Advancing All-Wood Construction in the Built Environment

The availability of domestically manufactured wood fiber insulation is a game-changing moment for the design and construction industries in North America. For the first time, architects and designers, as well as builders and developers, can choose high-performing insulation for their projects that arrives at the job site carbon negative—yet is priced for mainstream adoption.

Wood fiber loose fill, press-fit batt, and continuous board insulations work well as both affordable drop-in replacements for existing insulations and as a complete, above-grade system for residential construction and light commercial buildings. Made from residual wood chips left over from lumber production and from the low-grade, woody biomass produced by sustainable forest thinning operations, the products are free of toxins and abrasive fibers and provide a carbon-negative insulating solution. Wood fiber insulation delivers better performance while reducing risk in our assemblies.  It manages moisture, unlike other types of insulation, while also offering significant airflow reduction, protection from both heat and cold, industry-leading sound dampening, and Class A and B fire performance. For the mass timber industry, wood fiber insulation will bring hygrothermal solutions that complement all-wood assemblies, while supplying acoustic protection to improve the applicability and acceptance of CLT and MPP designs.

Location: Theater Date: April 19, 2023 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Matthew O’Malia