Clean Comfort for a Future Proof Home: Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water with new Heat Pump and Hydronic Technology

There are strong effort to electrify and move away from gas appliances that release GHG emissions into the atmosphere. This shift puts the energy efficiency of mechanical systems in even greater focus. Heat Pumps have been identified as the most readily deployable solution for both hot water, heating, and cooling applications. One particular heat pump technology, Air to Water, paired with modern hydronic distribution offers many advantages over standard Air to Air and Air to Refrigerant HP systems: including load shifting, efficiency scheduling, quite operations, and micro-zoning. Attend and learn about the tools Air to Water offers the home Builder and the homeowner in creating the future proof home.

Location: Mina Parsons Date: April 19, 2023 Time: 3:10 pm - 4:10 pm Helene Cornell Robert Benjamin