Building Excellence: The Impact of Asset Ratings and Certifications on Profitably and Market Appeal

Home and building asset ratings and certifications can enhance the builder’s financial outcomes by reducing risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve occupant and community health. These factors lead to enhanced occupant experience and improved market value of the home. Asset Ratings focus on performance metrics and impacts while certifications are recognitions or labels that signify the building meets a specific standard. This concept is precedented as we use trusted ratings in our culture to give us visibility of an experience or the quality of the product. Asset ratings and certification require oversight of a professional to perform model simulations of the intended outcome during the design phase as well as inspections during construction to verify the intentions have been met. This additional oversight ensures the quality and performance of a home before the occupant moves in. Asset ratings and certification often require components that exceed code standards making builders better prepared for code updates, often making the homes more cost effective and to own, and healthier. These features, when marketed properly, can increase the value of the home.

Location: The Medallion Room Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 10:30 am - 11:20 am Rebecca Heilig