2024 Presentation Slides

Below are links to the 2024 presentation slides.

Thursday, April 18 Sessions

Thursday Opening Keynote – Path of Continual Improvement: How to Implement Energy Efficient and Building Science Measures in your Everyday Practices with Mark LaLiberte – Presentation coming soon!

Oregon’s Residential Energy Codes, Related Incentives, and Training Resources with Mark Heizer + Kelly Thomas

Your Culture and Its Impact on Profit with Melissa Galland

Bridging the Gap: Practical ERV & HRV Applications for Contractors with Alex Boetzel + Ken Nelson – Presentation coming soon!

Air Sealing Lowest Cost Highest Value: How Air Sealing is the Most Effective Path Towards Meeting Performance Goal with Mike Ardeljan, Peter Grube, Marc Cregeur, + Amy Warren

Smart Duct Strategies for HVAC Design with Greg Davenport, Josh Morse, + Nigel Watts – Presentation coming soon!

Continuous Insulation: Advancing Thermal Resistance, Durability, Resilience and Comfort with Rick Blumenthal

2024 IECC: Building Thermal Envelope & High Performance Walls with Matthew Brown

Load Calculations Impact of Comfort and Sustainability with Judy Rachel

Don’t Bet on the Future, Plan for the Future – Managing Contractors’ Risks with Bill Joseph

Windows: A Key Ingredient to a Comfortable Home with Bryan Uhler + Mike Cairns

Creating Customer Satisfaction and Energy Savings with Heat Pump Water with Bruce Manclark + Jeff Woodard

Lien Laws WA and OR: How to get Paid with Bill Joseph

Thinking in Control Layers: How understanding the four control layers will make you a better builder with Josh Salinger

Global Trends in Variable Capacity Heat Pumps – cold climate heat pumps, lower GWP refrigerants and HSPF 2 with Tim Kaiser + Greg Davenport

Washington State Residential Energy Code – 2021 Edition. Achieving precision in code implementation to realize significant cost savings in the construction process with Jonathan Jones

Thursday Closing Keynote – Good Intentions and Disastrous Results: How not to do an Energy Retrofit – Overview of Day 1 and Insights into Day 2 with Josh Salinger

Friday, April 19 Sessions

Friday Opening Keynote – Doing Heat Pumpification Right! with Dr. Allison A. Bailes III

Passive House 101 – Mechanical Focus with Edward Louie

Ventilation and IAQ in new US Homes: Results from the Building America Field Study – Chrissi Antonopoulos PhD

Allying yourself with Solar Experts to Ready your Homes for Solar + Storage with Don MacOdrum, Jo Blinman, Kevin Gooley, + Josh Salinger

Using 3D Technology to Integrate Framing and Mechanicals with Darren Bell, Jeff Dorn, + Chris Stubblefield

Duct Duct Goose. Don’t Let a Bad Duct Design and Register Selection Cause Comfort Complaints with Bruce Manclark

Building Excellence: The Impact of Asset Ratings and Certifications on Profitability and Market Appeal with Rebecca Heilig

Electric Grid Decarbonization and High Performance Building and Remodeling with Greg Lasher + Binh Lu

Collaborate to Optimize HVAC Design, Installation and Performance with Shaun Hassel, Pedro Perez, + Spencer Bushman – Presentation coming soon!

Multi-Family Housing – Certifications – Options, Incentives, Comfort and More … with Jonathan Wrobel + William Castrillon

Local Decarbonization of Building Materials: Innovative Concrete and Salvage Wood Solutions: Lauren Zimmermann Presentation + John Mead Presentation

Hydronic HVAC 101 with Robert Benjamin + Chris Olvera

Successful Marketing of High Performance Homes: From a Builder’s Perspective with Eric Peterson

Friday Closing Keynote Panel – HVAC Horizon: Integrating Perspectives for a Sustainable Future with Alex Boetzel, Mike Ardeljan, Matt Ryan, Jonathan Moscatello, + Suzi Asmus – Presentation coming soon!