Judy Rachel

Judy has been specializing in ACCA Manual J load calculations, HVAC system design, home energy audits and residential building consulting based upon measured home performance since 2008. She writes and teaches building science curricula for community colleges, workforce training programs and technical training providers. She studied under Hank Rutkowski, the author of ACCA Manual J, to be a trainer of the ACCA Manuals J, D and S. She is part of a team that provides hands-on residential deep energy retrofit trainings, HVAC installation and HVAC commissioning workshops. She was the Senior Lead Trainer and field mentor for the Southern California Energy Upgrade California program contractors.  She was a BPI Proctor for 7 BPI certifications – Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Heating Professional, Air Conditioning /Heat Pump Professional, Healthy Homes Evaluator and Multi-Family Professional and holds certifications in Air Balancing, Carbon Monoxide and Combustion.  Early in her career she was a HERS rater.  For 10 years she was the principal organizer of the Forum on Dry Climate Home Performance.

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