Negotiating the Winds of Change: The Role of Resilience in Today’s Construction Market

Features of resiliency include; robustness; resourcefulness, rapid recovery, and redundancy. But, what do these mean when thinking of buildings, or housing?  More specifically, what are the components of housing where real value is added through a set of resilient construction practices?  Who benefits and how?

Many, if not most of the residential construction practices we currently use are not much different than what was done forty years ago.  But, that is changing. And the speed of that change has increased significantly over the past few years with new materials and technologies coming into play. What changes can we expect as a result of resiliency?

Population has been moving from rural to urban and urban to suburban in most states.  Oregon has seen about 1% population growth over the past several years with the Portland metro area seeing the bulk, or about 50% of that population increase since 2017.  As the population shifts so does culture and the sense of community.  How does growth and cultural change set a need and direction for resiliency?

This session will explore these and other resiliency issues from the residential housing market perspective.

Location: Date: April 21, 2021 Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am Ken Baker