Implications of IAQ Data from 250,000 North American Homes

The presentation will center around the unique data analysis of 250,000 homes tested in North America and compare findings against ASHRAE and WELL standards to discuss the implications for builders HVAC contractors, consultants, inspectors and practitioners in the air quality industry.

  • Why is this important? The largest data set of its kind characterizes the common IAQ in homes and paints a portrait of what
    life is like inside U.S. homes. This data reveal will challenge assumptions and offer attendees a fresh opportunity to consider their
    approach to IAQ in new and existing homes.
  • Definition of ‘natural experiment’ (data consists of people not requesting an IAQ test)
  • Mult-iyear study in collaboration with Dr. Elliot Gall at PSU
  • The (AirAdvice) monitor used to collect data (calibrated, but sensor drift means #s are conservative)
  • Parameters measured: PM, VOC, CO2, Temp., RH, CO
  • Findings from data analysis e.g. “25% of homes show CO2 >1,000 ppm”
  • Primary focus will be on VOC and CO2 findings
  • Solutions provided by different trades, various climate zones, seasonality
  • Industry challenges in meeting the ‘quiet demand’
  • Common VOC levels in new homes and the need for better ventilation

Location: Gym Date: April 19, 2023 Time: 9:05 am - 10:05 am Jeff Mounts