Workforce Development: Building Culture Today To Attract Workforce Tomorrow

Learn how to attract the next team member and keep them – and of course talk about how to let people go, too.
John May of Creekstone Design and Remodel will explore and facilitate a conversation about building a workforce culture and to better recruit and retain employees. Greg Olson, owner of Olson & Jones Construction; Brandy Callaghan, owner of Area Floors and Ryan Nieto with Green Canopy Homes will share more about carving out space in a business for individuals who are new to the industry, share more about being a better recruiter, how to on-board new talent, and how to contribute to meaningful programs that are training young people.
Walk away with a new way to think about the entire company’s culture and size, and how to scale the operating values during times of growth and contraction, and how to engage the whole company in this effort.

Location: Kennedy School Date: April 24, 2019 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm John May Brandy Callaghan Ryan Nieto Greg Olson