The Goldilocks Zone and Air Source Heat Pumps

Have you ever tried navigating a database full of products and wished that there was a way to visualize the data, sort based on your parameters, and compare products? Verizon and T Mobile let you do that when comparing mobile phones but imagine a world where you could do this with heat pumps! The Northeast […]

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Mark Zawistoski VP of Advisory at Zonda Advisory

Land and Deliver Mark Zawistoski of Zonda Advisory will provide a comprehensive overview of land acquisition and development processes critical to all new home builders.  From sourcing, financial models, entitlements, to construction, many levers need to be pulled to balance risk with opportunity.  Finding suitable land for residential construction and navigating jurisdictional hurdles is often […]

Building a Green Construction Workforce

By attending this session contractors and builders will gain a deeper knowledge of the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) and its impact on local construction workforce training programs. Attendees will gain insights on next steps for how to get more involved with these programs in order to help with labor shortages and employee recruitment of […]

Wildfire Resilience and Rebuilds

Billion-dollar disasters such as wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and severe storms have struck with increasing frequency in recent decades. While homeowners may feel powerless against the forces of nature, there is much that can be done to build and rebuild with disaster resilience in mind to decrease the devastating effects of severe weather events. Armed with […]

Planning for Net Zero in New Homes

New technology is changing homes for the better, and it may be easier and more affordable than you think to include the latest innovations in your plans. Are you looking to learn how builders are earning net-zero incentives by designing solar into their projects? This session will provide an overview of the Energy Trust EPS […]

South Perry Blockhouse Life Project: Net-Zero Multi-family Case Study to Lower Embodied Carbon and Energy

Embodied carbon and energy in the built environment are a significant challenge for a sustainable world. Join Greg Davenport of the Performance Construction Team at Mitsubishi Electic to explore this net-zero 14 unit multi-family housing project that incorporates many features that significantly reduce embodied carbon and energy.  Net-zero buildings significantly lower operational energy use as […]

OPENING KEYNOTE: Advancing building practices today to ensure a better future: Lessons learned and best practices from 30 years of high performance building

Advancing building practices today to ensure a better future: Lessons learned and best practices from 30 years of high performance building A conversation with Gene Myers of Thrive Home Builders and Mike Frey of Noyes Development Gene Myers founded the award-winning high performance building company Thrive Home Builders in 1992 in Denver. Nationally and internationally […]