Friday Closing Keynote Panel – “HVAC Horizon: Integrating Perspectives for a Sustainable Future”

This panel session uniquely brings together a diverse group of experts to offer an insightful recap of the BuildRight Conference, focusing on the HVAC industry. Our panelists, with their rich backgrounds in manufacturing, distribution, and innovative technology application, along with academic research, will provide a multifaceted view of the conference’s discussions. Emphasizing an integrated approach, […]

Passive House 101-Mechanical Focus

This session will begin by introducing the Passive House building concepts and we will focus on the impact of Passive House and other high performance very well insulated and air-tight building envelops on mechanical systems. We will show the effects it has on annual and peak heating and cooling loads. The presentation will highlight the […]

Thursday Closing Keynote – Good Intentions and Disastrous Results: How not to do an Energy Retrofit – Overview of Day 1 and Insights into Day 2

In this session, Josh will discuss why retrofitting the existing built environment is so important, some of the challenges associated with energy retrofits, and explain how things can go awry if not done with a basic understanding of building science. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the ‘why’ behind successful retrofit strategies and […]

Air Sealing Lowest Cost Highest Value: How Air Sealing is the Most Effective Path Towards Meeting Performance Goals

This panel discussion will feature four speakers who will speak from three perspectives (verifier, passive house builder, volume builder) on how air-sealing is one of the most cost-effective lever for energy performance, operational savings, state code & above code program compliance along with other ancillary benefits such as overall comfort, durability and resiliency of the […]

Friday Opening Keynote – Doing Heat Pumpification Right!

Do heat pumps dry out the air? Is heated air from a heat pump too cold to heat a home properly? Are heat pumps too expensive? Yes, heat pumps are different from furnaces and boilers. Yes, they can work just fine. In this keynote address, Dr. Bailes will discuss different aspects that make heat pumps […]