The How-To Behind Adding Exterior Insulation to Wall Assemblies

Attendees will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the building science, durability, energy efficiency, and installation details that will need to be considered. These principles and practices will include wall design, insulation strategies, air sealing, product selection, and construction. Exterior wall insulation provides a solvable challenge and a significant opportunity for building pros to increase […]

Ready Frame – Optimized Framing

Builders FirstSource pre-cut framing package makes framing better, faster, safer, and greener. You give us your plans, and we cut everything you need, just how you need it. The READY-FRAME® system ships from our offsite manufacturing facility Smart Bundled®, compact, pre-cut, and labeled – ready for your framers to assemble on the job site. Better […]

Design & Quality Control Best Practices for ERVs/HRVs

Explore the spectrum of Good, Better & Best practices when designing and QC’ing heat recovery ventilator (HRV) / energy recovery ventilator (ERV) systems. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to hear from in-the-field building experts as they exchange ideas and drill down into the everyday implications and opportunities that all building professionals need […]

Know Your OR & WA Lien Rights & Requirements to Help You Get Paid

How to effectively use lien rights to get paid, including avoiding pitfalls. Lien laws are often the best protection a contractor can have for getting paid. This presentation will help provide general contractors and subcontractors with practical insight to effectively use lien rights as a routine formality or for the occasional collection problem. Topics will […]