Leveraging Technology to Drive Efficiency in Residential Construction

It’s estimated that 30% of a new home’s price tag owes to what industry experts and strategists broadly label as “non-value-producing” cost – things like wasted materials, time-suck missteps and disconnects, do-overs, call-backs, job site dumpster hauls, and scheduling inefficiencies.  Harnessing capabilities in design and configuration, Digital Solutions can solve internal inefficiencies and improve estimates, […]

Concrete the Sleeping Giant

The speaker will discuss industry aspirations for carbon footprint reductions over the next 25 years and illuminate some of the technologies being developed to address this issue. Starting with the historical context of how the Romans developed the first formulations of concrete and continuing to the advent of modern concrete which has changed little since […]

Solar + Storage for Energy and Resiliency: “Power When You Need It Most”

The growing frequency of extreme weather-related events and the genuine threat of “the big one” motivates Oregonians to invest in solar PV paired with resilient battery backup systems.  Join our experts today as we deep dive into the technology and what’s driving this rapidly evolving industry.  Whether it be incentives, utility cost savings or security […]

Maximize Earning Potential in a Sideways Market

Interest rate and housing market headwinds are creating some uncertainty for your construction business.  Every opportunity to shave down input costs and reduce your financial risk could be the difference in your success for the next few years.  We’ll pull back the curtain to share some of the thought processes of lenders and appraisers when […]