Simple Steps to Improve Ductwork Installations

We welcome HVAC contractors, builders, architects and other interested building professionals for this 1-hour training to learn about common ductwork installation performance issues that can be easily avoided. Clients expect high-performance homes that meet their comfort, health, and energy-efficiency expectations, and well-designed and installed modern HVAC systems are vital to success. A well-performing system starts […]

HSPF 2 Refrigerant: Are You Ready for the Transition?

Learning good HVAC design practices will help builders, and their HVAC installers, better understand how to correctly use energy-efficient HVAC systems for more sustainable homes. We will look at some very timely regulatory issues for HVAC systems – international refrigerant changes, Federal HSPF 2 transition, and OR/WA code issues that will affect all builders in […]

Implications of IAQ Data from 250,000 North American Homes

The presentation will center around the unique data analysis of 250,000 homes tested in North America and compare findings against ASHRAE and WELL standards to discuss the implications for builders HVAC contractors, consultants, inspectors and practitioners in the air quality industry. Why is this important? The largest data set of its kind characterizes the common […]

Zero Energy Retrofit Strategies for Single Family Homes

The future of housing is efficient, electric, and 100% renewably powered. Learn how the speaker retrofitted his own 1907 Portland bungalow to net zero energy with off-the-shelf products and a low-carbon lifestyle. Learn everything from low-cost DIY strategies, when to call in the pros, and what’s on the horizon for homeowners within the Inflation Reduction […]

Contractor-Trainee Speed Networking

Earth Advantage is hosting this session where contractors will meet with pre-apprenticeship trainees through a series of short and speedy roundtable discussions! There will be 1-2 contractors at each table and 1-2 trainees at each table and you will have the opportunity to share insights about your experiences and pathway into residential construction. You may […]